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In the heart of South Africa lies Luna, a brand deeply rooted in the countries vibrant cultures and traditions.

Luna’s vision is to transform kitchens into the soulful heart of every home, starting with their meticulously crafted kettle and toaster.

Embodying the essence of South Africa , Luna offers authentic, high-quality, and affordable luxury kitchenware.

As they expand their product line, they invite everyone to be part of their evolving story. With Luna, every meal is a celebration and a cherished memory. Choose Luna and ignite your culinary passion.

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Luna Red Kettle & Toaster Set R1800

Luna Blue Kettle & Toaster Set R1800

Luna Black Kettle & Toaster Set R1700

Luna White Kettle & Toaster Set R1500

Luna Mint Kettle & Toaster Set R1500